Our technological advances are occurring at phenomenally rapid rate. Despite the benefits these advances create, we still do not understand how our relatively slowly evolving bodies respond to this technology.

Of particular interest to me is the explosive speed by which gaming has permeated almost every aspect of our daily culture. Gamers are no longer individuals fixed to computers or a television, but are mobile and playing games more interactively than ever before. It is now easier (and more acceptable) to be a gamer than ever before.

Despite the availability and simplicity of many gaming platforms, there still exists a divide in how gamers play games and the games they choose to play. Of the many differences, nothing is more interesting to me than the gender differences in gaming preferences and the impact this has on individuals’ lives. For example, why is it that more men play games? Although this trend is beginning to change with developers specifically targeting females, there is still a difference in the types of games each gender plays and the amount of time they spend playing them.

These are just some of the questions that this site is dedicated to as it explores gaming from a historical and evolutionary perspective rather than from a psychological or economic one.

One of the best ways to tackle these and other questions is to examine our predispositions and biases for games and gaming in general. From an evolutionary perspective, such questions provide an understanding of what is drawing specific gamers to play specific games and why certain individuals may have what the media considers ‘addictive’ relationships with gaming.

This blog will serve as an outlet for ideas and comments about our gaming society as our current and past generations struggle with understanding the role games and gaming play in our lives.