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Videogames aren’t the problem, it’s in our genes

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   The debate around videogames and violence is getting seriously out of control – not least in the US. Just take this recent homepage above on The Huffington Post. Hyperbole aside, videogames are (once again) being used as a scapegoat by politicians looking for a simple answer to causes of violence. But despite how they [...]

Wreck-it-Ralph and Disney’s portrayal of gamers

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I went to see Disney’s new animated movie Wreck-it Ralph yesterday with my family. I have to say, it was the most enjoyable movie experience I’ve had in a while. The story was part of the reason for this. The movie centres around a Donkey Kong-esque bad guy named Ralph and a ‘glitchy’ racing avatar [...]

The gaming of reality: The world around you is not what it seems

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Gaming has come a long way since we first huddled around a television clicking a joystick to control a character in a virtual world. We are now mobile with our games playing them on phones and tablets and are interacting with virtual worlds through body movements and touch commands. However, although the face of gaming [...]

Let them play games! Combating childhood obesity

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Here’s an idea for improving the health of our children: let them play more videogames. Obesity has numerous health risks and it is most frightening in children as early learned behaviours will last throughout their life. The regulatory, infrastructure and educational changes suggested in The Conversation’s recent Obese Nation series will help in the fight [...]

Video games: helping human evolution since 1983

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Of all violent videogames, first-person shooters are viewed as the biggest problem because of the perspective taken during gaming: the first-person standpoint makes it seem as if the player is performing the behaviours on screen. Coupled with the fact most first-person shooters centre on killing opponents (in often violent ways), it’s no wonder older generations [...]

Why I want to play video games when I grow up

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Just like rock music in the 1950s, Dungeons & Dragons in the 1980s, and death metal in the 1990s, videogaming has been demonised by parent groups. For decades, gamers were portrayed as obese social outcasts that spent hours in a dark basement hunched over a flashing screen, slowly becoming more aggressive and distanced from reality. [...]