Game creation tools 0

Game creation tools

Here are a list of tools available to create games. I highlight the free, easy to use tools first as my hope is that kids, more »

Spot the eggs and help science! 0

Spot the eggs and help science!

TheSensory Ecology & Evolution group over at the University of Exeter have put a few games together to explore and help understand the evolution of more »

Crawl, worm, crawl! 0

Crawl, worm, crawl!

Your a worm that’s escaped your fate as a lure. Now get to safety! This is a really simple game that had me playing for more »

Snaaaake! 0


Ever wanted to crush anything in your path? Well, playing as a massive boa constrictor in Snaaaake! Gives you that opportunity! In Snaaaake! you crawl more »